Yes After Cancer

Digestible Dollops for Well-Being after Treatment

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"Tips for feeling Vibrant & Healthy, Optimistic
& Purposeful No Matter What!"

How to cope with a breast cancer diagnosis, whether yours or a friends is why this cancer eBook exists. Breast cancer support groups help af first especially if there’s depression. This eBook is written for you or a loved one as support after treatment from any threatening health problem.
There are others for the newly diagnosed; this one is to support you to re-group and organize your precious life after treatment. It's been described as “notes of encouragement”.
Are you ready to focus on the new possibilities?
Are you in touch with that unique place inside you where you “know” — that wise place of knowingness, yet haven't yet made changes to your routine?
Yes after Cancer shows you how to put your focus on what you'd rather have, be and do now that your energy is freed to look ahead one day at a time.

What is your one and only precious life about now? Once treatment is complete, your energy is freed to explore the endless possibilities of what’s next. That’s our focus; this life coach’s perspective on exploring the possibilities together. If nothing else, cancer is a permission slip. Use it. Use it again. You get to use the 24 hours available to you each day to create the life that works for you now…the one that brings a smile to your face.

If you want to feel uplifted and hope-filled and ready to take action... even if nothing's worked for you in the past... read this short, sweet, idea packed eBook!

If you aren't completely delighted with the information and tips in this eBook created by Life Coach Leslie Gebhart, you don't pay a penny.

Hard to believe? Let us prove it to you. If Yes after Cancer doesn't show you clear ways to turn feeling negative into taking positive actions, we'll refund 100% your purchase (yes, that's cash back in your pocket--how's that for abundance?) as soon as you tell us.

Just imagine what it will be like to wake up every morning knowing you have the choice and the power to focus your energy and attention upon what makes you feel good. Your will feel a glow of warm light because you've finally found the right "mindset" to achieve the way of seeing things and thinking that cause you to feel positive and ready for action.

And the best part is, you'll have something to share with others as you follow the easy suggestions offered in Yes after Cancer.

In Yes after Cancer you'll find ideas to:

  • create the life you know will work best right now
  • release inner-conflicts
  • transform how and where you put your focus to the possible
  • support your "inner knowing" or wise place.

From Life Coach Leslie (a 11 year thrivor/survivor)

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Dear Friend,
Reading the hope-filled and positive solutions offered in this uplifting eBook will transform your way of thinking. Yes cancer can be devastating and yes, there is re-building and re-organizing in ways that can enrich your life tremendously. I am thrilled to wake up and put a smile on my face every single morning feeling so, so grateful to be able to support others and do the work I love even after diagnosis and treatment."

The choice is yours....take the step to learn how to stay active or risk falling into a place of discouragement and depression and inaction.

Here's the good news: Order and read the enjoyable and effective dollops offered in Yes after Cancer about which Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author, Jack Canfield says:

“This is a collection of wonderful nuggets of wisdom
that will help you in making the most
of your journey through cancer."

What Life Coach Leslie loves is supporting other "regular people" to achieve their dreams and extraordinary results. Yes after Cancer includes specific ways to do this.

Regardless of your age, stage or prognosis you, too, can:

  • Find newfound clarity about exactly what you want
  • Understand the specific words and phrases that have been keeping you from being successful
  • See that where you put your focus creates your reality
  • Increase your happiness and feelings of well-being...

A client said it like this:

"The information in Leslie's eBook got me out of bed. I was able to create a ’to do‘ list of things that make me happy and better yet, I even started doing them!" ~ Joseph B.

You'll find that reading Yes after Cancer will increase your self-confidence because you'll have a virtual partner cheering you on with specific examples from her life after cancer. You'll be recharged with positive energy and you'll become more creative about how you want to schedule your time.

Many of us have been programmed to believe that a cancer diagnosis is the beginning of the end. You'll learn that no matter what you've been doing before, you can create change NOW--Yes you can!

Some beliefs that have passed down from generation to generation are no longer true--we have new technology, new medical miracles and new alternative or "woo woo" miracles happening all the time + evidence to support them. As long as you're still here, there's something for you to contribute. Yes you can and Yes after Cancer will inspire you to get going.

Here's another satisfied client:

"Coach Leslie's writing keeps me in the present moment and all I used to do was worry and fret. She helps me learn new stuff and I am so grateful!" ~ Toby R.

Many people go to bookstores and pay lots of money for "self help" titles. Here you can have a series of proven dollops or tips without having to leave home.

Once you see that you are in charge of where you put your attention and your focus, you'll likely experience a level of health and well-being beyond anything you've ever imagined cancer diagnosis or not. As you read, you may laugh. You may cry. And, certainly, you'll gain different perspectives on life. And it's loads of fun. Just look at some of the dollops from which you'll be inspired:
After Treatment
Expanding Possibilities
Creating Yourself
Wise Inner Voice
My Career
Present Moment
Career Choices
Free time Choices

Plus many other, as Jack Canfield calls them, "nuggets" of wit and wisdom! Is now the time to order?

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Cancer eBook cover

When you read the uplifting suggestions in Yes after Cancer, you'll get yourself into a space of "Yes I Can" and the people around you will benefit from the positive vibrations and confidence you emanate. The community benefits when there are more of us walking around saying, "yes i can" and eventually we're changing the world together.

In wanting to spread this good cheer, we're offering the amazing 100% guarantee that you'll be pleased by offering to refund your purchase price when you write to ask within 3 weeks of your purchase.

So, you see, it's literally impossible to lose with this guarantee. Here are some more of the titles:
Action Plans
Freedom to Choose
Ain’t It Awful
Oh, What Fun

The choice is yours to make -- right now, in this very moment.

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Cancer eBook cover

You'll be so pleasantly surprised.

I'm experimenting with this type of sales note and using the internet, so I may raise the price. For now it is only $5.95 and all it takes is to click below and you're on your way to receiving it. So please, give yourself this treat and order right now.

Yes After Cancer (Digestible dollops for Well-being after Treatment) was created to broaden the post treatment possibilities. It offers specific suggestions from the life coach for creating the life you'll most enjoy right now. Support and encouragement and optimism are what you'll find among the dollops in this eBook. It makes a terrific gift and would be an asset to any waiting room whether a beauty salon or medical office! This information supports you or a loved one to take action with ease, compassion, generosity, joy and the spirit of possibility no matter what the age, diagnosis or prognosis. And, this eBook does it with a lightness of heart and a touch of what–the–heck whimsy written from the perspective of a survivor/thrivor. What a gift!

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Thank you in advance for your purchase. I'm confident it will be helpful.


Leslie Gebhart, Life Coach

Recent praise "A truly great friend of mine has powerful lessons and support available in her eBook "Yes after Cancer - Digestible Dollops for Well Being After Treatment".

Leslie Gebhart has a story to tell and one could forgive her for being bitter and downhearted having suffered with this terrible disease and undergone painful and everlasting surgery, just to survive. However, she is not bitter and is far from downhearted. In fact she is truly an inspiration and a fountain of love and support.

Her mission with her eBook is simple: Put her "digestible dollops" in front of many people as possible to provide support, advice, guidance, inspiration and love, to anyone who is suffering, has suffered, or has loved ones affected by cancer. "Digestible dollops" means "bite size chunks"; in other words, easy to read and easy to understand.

You can help with Leslie's mission by investing in her eBook, printing a copy and donating it to your local doctor's surgery, oncology department, hospice or any waiting room where people can get access to it.

Simon Smith, Simon Smith Coaching

Disclaimer/fine print

This book is intended to be a supplement to what you do with your health care provider/doctor. It is not a substitute for medical advice. You, the reader, are asked to discuss specific symptoms and treatments with the physician who is knowledgeable about your diagnosis.

This book is sold with the understanding that the author/publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, medical or other professional personal advice. If that advice is desired, the services of a competent specialist should be sought. This is written from the perspective of one who has received diagnosis & treatment and adds one version of the life coach perspective after the fact. For another sample of her style, feel free to order your complimentary 5 part e-course at or books by this author.
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