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Life Coach Leslie has an absolute commitment to being in a place where she feels joyful and at peace and she does what that takes every single day, beginning each day...with a song, a walk or hike and appreciation of the natural environment. Life Coach Leslie says, I've learned to relish & savor & create positive experiences to be sure joy and that loving sense really happen first thing in the morning. It's my version of the new normal, or as mentors Hale Dwoskin & Jack Canfield say, ‘the new ordinary’.

Since I've made a decision to put positive things in bold so my senses all respond, I remove myself from the negative whether it be news broadcasts, disaster headlines, commercial media or grumpy people. I seek, then emphasize the positive flowing into my pores, registering deeply in mind/body/spirit & emotional memory. It's just a little thing I do and I recommend it. Think it, feel it, say it, do it & feel it some more! And, to my delight, what I've experienced is that as I'm doing this with regularity, I'm receiving more positive surprises and opportunities and meeting amazingly uplifting people.

leslie and gigi

My greatest pleasure is being of service, support, inspiration and motivation to you when you are ready to step out of the old, dis–heartening space you've been into the new possibilities. I love to receive support and I love to offer it. What's new for me is that I've even learned how to ask for it!

Education & Credentials leading to Life Coach Leslie

Volunteer projects

The Betty Ford Center, The Barbara Sinatra Children's Center, The Palm Springs Museum, The City of Palm Springs Golden Anniversary Committee, Friends of the Mountains.

I'm excited to participate in creating a 60 foot diameter labyrinth which will be open 24/7 to provide a space where possibilities for peace and transformation are ever present. Providing this organized pathway where one can mindfully walk in safety while tuning into the guidance that is within is a high priority for ma and for our community at large.

For Fun

Ringing hand bells in a 12 member hand bell choir (for nearly 30 years), mosaic devotee (love making something out of trash or broken stuff), hiking in the mountains, riding the boogie board in the Pacific Ocean in Newport Beach, bike rides, tai chi, rafting, hanging with pals and family & being fed (someone else cooking).

Life Coach Leslie offers suggestions

One of the ways that's helped me stay in this space of feeling positive and hope filled is to find where this perspective is shared. Seeking people and organizations who are more interested in the solution than in the problem helped me gain clarity about where to put my focus and attention. Below is a starter list of organizations that are doing what I want to support. I feel uplifted to spread this information & enriched to know I'm helping too. Feel free to send me your good ideas and together we can grow this list.

World Wild Life Fund
My father, the brilliant marine biologist, taught me about the wonder and diversity of life on Earth & how responsible we humans are to support/love/protect & maintain the health of ecological systems.

The Ocean Conservancy
My grandfather built a little cottage near the Pacific Ocean so I had the good fortune to be exposed early to the miracles of the sea. The Ocean Conservancy promotes healthy ocean ecosystems which my father taught me to appreciate and my mother modeled all her life exporting critters to safety and making it ‘cool’ to be the one who knew how to safely pick up the critter.

The Nature Conservancy didn’t yet exist when my parents were alive & I think they’d have loved the concept! It is committed to preserve plants, animals and ecosystems that represent the diversity of life by purchasing lands and waters needed for species’ survival.

The Pachamama Alliance
In this alliance, the focus is on the indigenous people being empowered to preserve the Earth's tropical rain forests. Empowering others to get where they're going is the number one joy of Life Coach Leslie so this is a perfect match with my philosophy.

Doctors Without Borders
An international independent medical humanitarian organization providing emergency aid where needed.

Life Coach Leslie welcomes your recommendations of others as well as your inspirational tidbits. This one seems appropriate here:

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts." ~Rachel Carson

That contemplation time works for me and I love the privilege of supporting you.

"If you have built castles in the air
Your dreams need not be lost;
They're exactly where they need to be now;
Just put a foundation under them."
~Henry David Thoreau

To build those foundations or, revisit the dreams which now want your attention, consider coaching with Life Coach Leslie. This personal development coaching information will inspire and delight you and make it all flow with such ease. I look forward to speaking with you! Call 760.218.8865 for your complimentary coaching conversation or email for an appointment.

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