Life Coaching Services

Life Coaching supports you to clarify your purpose, enhance relationships, increase confidence, increase income, quiet that inner critic, clarify which creative projects are most appealing right now and achieve results faster with ease and joy! Often having this type of accountability or cheerleading is just what it takes to propel you to the next level you seek. Leslie Gebhart, M.A. PCC offers a variety of life coach services.

Personal Development Life Coaching Services

Single issue — Targeted Session of up to 90 minutes for those who have immediate goals and want support to connect those to specific plans for prompt, inspiring results. $250.00

Monthly Life Coaching Services

Option 1: three calls per month. Each call may be up to 45 minutes. We meet by phone the first, second and third weeks of the month; additional phone check-in calls as needed. Email support between calls. $495.00/month

Option 2: two calls per month. Each call may be up to 45 minutes. We meet by phone the first & third weeks of the month; additional phone check-in calls as needed. Email support between calls. $375.00/month

Option 3: Super Saver: Enroll for 12 meetings, pay in full in advance for 12 meetings to be scheduled as often as you wish ($1800.00) and the savings is $180.00. This option suits those who are in a hurry and want to stay on task as well as those that love a bargain.

Group Coaching is offered in workshops, teleclasses, and group meetings on the phone. Together in this virtual meeting room we share support, suggestions and personal development tips. You may gather your own group of pals and come for coaching together, or join the mix of open-hearted others who are drawn to this personal development program. Fee to be determined.

Complimentary Start! Feel free to ask your questions. The initial thirty minute conversation is complimentary and allows space for you to both ask questions & to experience how coaching supports your decision–making. During this time we discern whether we're a match. It's easy to start!

"When you come to Life Coach Leslie Gebhart, be prepared to get what you say you want. She offers a systematic action plan and together you work out the steps you'll take with ease."

~ Beth M.

Teleclasses What a delight it is to meet with motivated colleagues and participants who are committed to moving ahead with ease and support! The teleclass format permits interaction and group participation along with coaching moments. These teleclasses are designed to be completed within a month and are offered at 5:00PM PST/8:00PM EST on Wednesdays. Each series comes with specific tasks and assignments that you complete between meetings. Results happen! (Participants quit smoking, become more fit, design, create and complete projects and it's a very inspiring process.) The Subjects are: creativity, physical vitality, relationships, visioning the future and time. Please email for start dates. The price for all four is only $99.00.

Complimentary Life Coaching Services

Please visit for your f*r*e*e* 5 part eCourse of Positive Solutions. Here you get personal development tips for proceeding on a self guided course to confirm actions designed to produce results!

"I sometimes call her ’my tyrant coach‘, yet it's with laughter because we laugh a lot. I've accomplished so much more than I'd have originally thought possible."

~ Bryna B.

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
~ Anais Nin

Workshops with Life Coaching Services

The Artist's Way

The gift that keeps on giving and providing and inspiring.......

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is the book Leslie Gebhart & Trent Blanchard use during this 12 week course designed to support your emerging creativity. Whether long dormant, often used, or in between, creativity takes many forms as we travel on our journey– how you dress, the way you arrange your furniture, the mess or chaos or tidiness in your drawers. Each of us has a unique creativity and together we explore the possibilities from those basics to other forms of artistic expression. The sense of community created in the context of mutual support as we each explore both what the book suggests as well as our responses to it = a safe, comfortable setting within which to experiment, resulting in growth and new vision.

You get to chose between remaining “stuck” in your old story or emerging into who you are becoming.

We have been leading this class since 2003 and have a long list of testimonials available upon request. This workshop will introduce you to like-minded others, provide healthy challenges, offer guidelines and support you to your next, fresh projects.

Are you ready for more joy, support and adventure?

Who:                  You & a group of like minded adventurers

What:                Artist’s Way Work (play) shop

Where:              a studio near Palm Springs, California

When:               to be announced - please call 760.218.8865 for an update

Required Text:  The Artist’s Way, By Julia Cameron

Email Leslie Gebhart at (760.218.8865)

Forgiveness & your

next calling logo

Why, how, when,

Creative U–Turns, Blocks, Past Hurts?

Although some things are beyond your control, you do have the power to enhance your life by making the choice to forgive. Forgiving is a sure way to leave the past in the past, freeing you to move to your next calling with ease. Old grudges and resentments can be easily replaced with joy and peace when you are ready to say ‘yes’ to this process.

Leslie offers this process both in small group gatherings and individually over the telephone. You are never asked to share or reveal personal details. During this particular forgiveness process you are guided to your own responses with no need to speak about the incidents, people or details. To determine if this is indicated for you, consider:

  • Do you notice that there’s an element of ‘blame’ lingering in your thoughts?
  • Do you experience a negative body response when you think of something or someone in your past?
  • Are you ready to turn your attention away from the drama and focus on your dreams?
  • Would you rather continue to complain or are you ready to direct your energy to new possibilities?
  • Is it time to clear the toxin of unforgiveness?
  • To indicate your interest in a private phone appointment or group gathering, please call: 760.218.8865 or use Contact Leslie. Please put forgiveness in the comments section.
  • Group rate for this new peace of mind: $50.00
  • Private telephone forgiveness consultation is $150.00
  • Groups are on–going, please email for next event info.
  • Your questions are welcomed.

“We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way.”

The Artist’s Way ~ educator, John Holt

Local (Palm Springs, CA) Workshops

Join Life Coaches Leslie Gebhart and Trent Blanchard who provide life coaching services for a weekend of growth, enlightment and fun. Leave the family behind and escape to the beach to learn tools and techniques that will help you cope with life’s challenges with ease! Call to be put on the interest list. 760.218.8865
Topics include:

Life Coaching Services To Go

I've been busy creating products designed to support your personal development and personal enrichment and getting to a vision of the new normal, or as my teacher, Hale Dwoskin says, "the new ordinary". Created from the coaching/personal development perspective are the following products:


Digestible Dollops for moving beyond treatment only $5.95
purchase here: YES AFTER CANCER

Paperback books

Have You Ever Been A Child? $9.95

Private Keep Out! $12.95

shipping and handling charges will be added at the time of purchase


Joy as Your Guidance System
Part I Forgiveness

This CD of life coaching services offering a fresh perspective is offered to clients who have completed a minimum of 12 meetings with professional development life coach Leslie G and are familiar with the expansiveness that comes from getting support and making loving decisions. $29.95

Inspirational Card Deck of 52 quotes

You remember the game "52 pickup"? Well, this is an inspirational way to play. Yes, play! Who knew that life coaching services could be yours using 52 cards, 52 photos, and 52 inspiring quotes (& by now you know how much I love to share and receive inspirational quotes!). This product makes an amazing, uplifting, universally appreciated gift at only $19.95 + shipping ...whoohoo! Call 760.218.8865 to order or email

Life Coach Services - at your service

Life coach for personal development Leslie says: "Connecting your dreams to an action plan that works for you is my favorite thing to do. My pleasure is to inspire and motivate you to create change with ease. In my style of life coaching services together we decide which of the following 6 areas request your attention first: your physical vitality, creativity, money, time, relationships or your level of enjoyment each day. Once clear about that, you make change with ease & off we go measuring and recording your results!"

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